LETTER: A few thoughts on a few local issues

LETTER: A few thoughts on a few local issues

Here are some general comments to help keep it ‘super natural’ Vancouver Island:

• Bowser sewage disposal into the Salish Sea should not be allowed to proceed. Even if properly treated are the medications also removed. This will build up over time, affect tourism, possibly affect fishing and oyster farms. It’s time to devise an effective plan to dispose of the waste on land.

• Further to protecting our oceans, salmon farms around Vancouver Island should be closed and/or moved on land. Let’s keep viruses, bacteria and feces from Atlantic salmon from infecting wild salmon and entering our waters.

• Are we logging too much of this renewable resource on the Island? Surely there must be a less damaging method of logging rather that leaving a scarred landscape from clear cutting.

• Our recycling process should be enhanced so that coffee cups can be properly recycled and kept from landfills. The amount of paper products in general, particularly from fast-food outlets, going into garbage/landfill is disturbing.

• With a growing population perhaps its time to preserve more green spaces for future generations before they are logged/developed. Kudos to Qualicum Beach for having such areas, e.g. Heritage Forest, walking trails at Ravensong, available.

• With an aging population Qualicum Beach needs a proper fitness centre. Perhaps Parksville can build a pool instead of having modifications made to Ravensong pool in Qualicum Beach.

Gregory Cooke

Qualicum Beach