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LETTER: Bicycle riders on shared paths in Qualicum Beach are a hazard

Re: ‘Pathways aren’t for Tour de France riders (Your Letters, PQB News, Aug. 18)

Speaking from experience, bike riders on the supposedly shared paths certainly are a hazard.

In January on a walk, I encountered an aggressive bike rider who came up from behind me, no warning. There were pedestrians coming towards us, and catching sight of him out of the corner of my eye I tried to move to the right.

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I fell, breaking my right ankle and tearing a tendon. He didn’t appear to be very concerned only said “things happen, hey” and off he rode. It has been eight months since this accident, and just now able to walk without much discomfort. I still encounter reckless and aggressive bike riders on our trails.

Pedestrians have the right of way!

Linda Cooper

Qualicum Beach

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