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LETTER: City of Parksville should consider animal responsibility bylaw

‘Many local folks I have talked to are in agreement’
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Very interesting.

On Sept. 21, Nanaimo council adopted a new animal responsibility bylaw.

Regarding cats, they are banned from running loose on public property or someone else’s property without permission; cats older than six months should be spayed or neutered, unless the owner has permission to be a cat breeder; and cats must have identification on them.

Dogs must be on a leash when outdoors unless in a no leash area; dog feces must be picked up and disposed of in a responsible manner.

There are other requirements but these are the relevant ones. Bylaw control officers will only respond to complaints regarding these new bylaws and fines are allowed for bylaw infractions.

Now, City of Parksville… how about looking at these bylaws and give consideration to similar bylaws here?

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Many other cities and municipalities have similar bylaws so it is nothing new.

We have bylaw control officers, all we need is the bylaw.

Many local folks I have talked to are in agreement with a similar bylaw.

How about it?

When my wife is doing her gardening, she always complains about the cat feces buried in the soil. Is this necessary?

Bob Larson


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