LETTER: Climate change deniers raise several questions

In response to the letter denying climate change (Enjoy the global warmth while you can, Sept. 12), here are four questions:

1. Why would someone want us to believe something? How does it benefit them? It’s obvious that the fossil fuel economy is benefitting some very wealthy individuals. They are the short-term winners; our children the long-term losers.

“Why” needs to be asked on all hot topics, especially race, gender, war and the economy. Often the benefit is to instill fear and hatred (divide and conquer), or exploitation (cheap labour).

2. Who are we listening to? Humans are very gullible. To control our opinions, someone doesn’t have to counter the truth directly; they can just twist it a little, take a line out of context, shout and repeat over and over. Check the facts.

3. Why the division? The dividing lines on climate change are largely ideological, which is quite fascinating, because there is absolutely no connection between religious dedication and climate change, except this: The call of compassion, which has always been at the heart of every religion, demands that we try to relieve suffering of others. People are suffering now. By water or fire.

4. What if we can do something and we do nothing? What harm would be done if we devoted our resources and research to renewable energy, to protecting natural resources, reducing our clumsy footprints? No harm. Lots of jobs! Only good.

What if we ignore the undeniable signs of climate chaos? Things get worse. I love my grandchildren infinitely more than the status quo.

Sure, there are cycles of weather, but humanity is the destructive storm surge in this hurricane. We can be foolish and close our eyes, or be wise and take action. There is no doubt what our children want us to do.

Joanne Sales, director

Broombusters Invasive Plant Society