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LETTER: Dr. Bonnie Henry maintains a quiet dignity

Have always admired the cool, calm and collected way that Chief Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry presented pandemic facts and figures to the citizens of British Columbia.

As the virus and its variants evolved, she changed tactics on several occasions to match circumstances. When health orders were altered, she never ducked a question from the media, always willing to explain how and why new paths taken were consequential of evolving science.

This was most evident on Sept. 7, when Dr. Henry ordered that everyone who has been vaccinated must obtain the vaccine card to enter certain establishments for the foreseeable future.

Her presentation was so absolutely crystal clear, and easy to understand; it’s so simple to obtain a vaccine card, even for people like me who have never owned a smart phone. Everyone had ample advanced warning that this was the next step being taken, in a concerted effort for the hesitant ones among us to wake up, smell the roses and get inoculated, if they want a return to some kind of normalcy during this ongoing pandemic.

Strident anti-vaxxers have spent about 20 months listening to influencers on Facebook and other sources filling their gullible heads with disinformation.

Literally millions of their fraudulent and often crazy claims have been discredited on an hourly basis, yet they persist in spreading vicious, vile, viper-like, virulent accusations all through cyberspace.

Throughout it all Dr. Henry has maintained a quiet dignity, and her latest excellent presentation must have caused the knotted knickers of the anti-vaxxers to tighten to an even more excruciating painful level.

Bernie Smith


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