LETTER: Easier to carry plastic bags

At the risk of being bombarded with “plastic is bad for the environment,” I do know that.

Personally, I don’t like carrying paper bags. I’m old and don’t have the strength anymore to carry more than one (heavy) paper bag.

Ever have a bag break on you and apples and oranges rolling all over the place? Lots of fun when your knees and back already hurt from just doing all that shopping. Just imagine carrying a paper bag with bottles of juice, milk, maybe heavy cleaning stuff like Tide, Downy, etc.

Plus, with paper bags you probably need several trips back and forth from the car into the house.

It’s easier to carry several plastic bags at the same time. Then there are those who don’t have a car and walk to the store carrying groceries home. Try doing that with paper bags. I shudder at the thought, as I’m almost at that age when the doctor thinks I shouldn’t be driving anymore.

Besides, plastic bags can be used to put babies’ dirty diapers in, and are used also by people who are sick.

Chris Reisner