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LETTER: Getting vaccinated shows you care about fellow Canadians

I grew up listening to my mother’s stories of how Canadians pulled together and helped each other during the depression and the war years. I saw it myself as Canadians all across the country offered support after the devastating Fort McMurray fires.

The generosity of spirit and the acts of standing together are profoundly moving. This is the Canada I believe in and love.

The people protesting against the vaccines and COVID restrictions and mandates are a small segment of Canadians.

They say they don’t believe the science; yet, they probably all have their polio vaccination and would trust science and the health care professionals to treat them if they faced a cancer diagnosis.

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The scientific world came together and through the miracle of modern science has created a vaccine that can eradicate the virus and give us back our normal lives but we all have to pull together.

By getting a vaccination we are helping each other and showing that we care about our fellow Canadians like our parents and grandparents did during tough times in the past.

Janice Gervais


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