LETTER: Here’s a system to help with those heavy bins

LETTER: Here’s a system to help with those heavy bins

After observing homeowners struggling to trundle out the RDN’s new blue supersize recycling bins, notably rated to carry 100 kilograms, it becomes apparent from the vigorous effort and perspiration involved that a retrofit power drive system for the bins is in order.

The power drive system could resemble that of a built in rechargeable power drill, configured to turn the wheels with a cog and pulley. I would volunteer to design this optional extra-gratis; but the RDN would naturally prefer this be done in house, with their teams of young professionals.

When cost is studied in its entirety, it will become clear that this is less expensive in the long run, than B.C. suffering the extra cost of medical care required after manhandling the new bins.

Perhaps we can count on having the retrofit kit in time for Christmas. An RDN stocking stuffer.

David Kelsey

Qualicum Beach

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