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LETTER: No need to reduce speed with no traffic in Qualicum Beach

‘I’ve lived here 27 years’

Re: ‘No need for excess speed’ (PQB News, Oct. 20)

It would have been better to have written “some residents” rather than label all of Chartwell against the drivers in the area, particularly along Miraloma Drive.

I for one refused to sign such a ridiculous petition and I live almost on Miraloma. I know of others. For example, this morning in my half-hour morning walk, I encountered two people, two dogs and two cars.

On Saturday, as I drove to town I passed four people walking side-by-side, two men standing well into the road chatting, and one car that was backing up – not a good plan, but it wasn’t speeding.

I’ve lived here 27 years and can attest to the fact that there was more traffic action when we had construction vehicles driving around than there is now.

We don’t need to lower our speed or even traffic calming measures. There is no traffic.

M.R. Dawson

Qualicum Beach

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