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LETTER: Parksville needs its community centre

On Dec. 30, we signed a petition being circulated that voiced the necessity of keeping Parksville’s Community Centre as just that, our community centre.

To date more than 2,500 community residents have signed that petition.

The residents of Parksville planned for it, raised money to build it, built it and have utilized it over the years. A community centre is an essential part of any community.

Community centres on Vancouver Island charge rents to help offset operating costs. Budgetary shortfalls are made up by that community’s annual budget.

The city council and the mayor have the right to review how the funds allocated for the centre are utilized and to hold the volunteer board accountable but they should not have the right to arbitrarily give away the community centre and to close its doors to the public who in reality own it.

The city council and the volunteer board have a responsibility to the community to work together and to promote the facility to maintain its financial stability.

The city council and the mayor are elected by the residents of this community and are accountable to all of us who live here. When we elect them we have the expectation that they will make decisions that are transparent and in the best interest of the community.

When families have a need or desire to relocate, they look for a healthy, well-managed and caring community with outstanding services and community assets. They want a community that cares about itself and its residents and its elected officials understand the importance and value of that.

Why do we have to cut back on what makes Parksville a great place to live? It’s growing in leaps and bounds with people of all ages. We need to be proactive in keeping this community vibrant, healthy and desirable.

We need our community centre.

Richard Williams & Brenda McConnell


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