LETTER: Parksville wetland preservation shows foresight

I am sure all the citizens of Parksville and beyond are grateful for the foresight of the ladies of the Parksville Women’s Institute, who in 1922 organized the first meeting to buy the waterfront property which is now the Parksville Community Park.

I think the people of Parksville into the near and distant future will feel the same about Christopher Stephens, who championed the recent protection of a 97-acre freshwater wetland in Parksville, and will appreciate the 2017 Parksville city council for approving the purchase of such an important public asset.

Congratulations and thank you to Mayor Lefebvre and Parksville councillors for your foresight in recognizing the importance of this 97-acre freshwater wetland in delivering essential ecosystem services, such as natural water filtration, trapping sediment and pollutants and regulating water levels to combat flooding and drought conditions.

Ronda Murdock