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LETTER: People need to remove waste from Qualicum Beach parks

Some people’s cavalier attitude towards our beautiful parks here in Qualicum reveal an unbelievable attitude of irresponsibility and intentional disregard and destruction toward our “jewel of a park”.

It was bad enough to see numerous discarded cigarette butts through the trails of Ravensong during the extreme dry weather this summer when the whole province seemed to be experiencing forest fires.

But a recent experience in the park behind the Ravensong Pool, was an unexpected and surprising low by anyone’s standards.

Apparently the undergrowth area, just a few feet from the paved pathway that joins the Ravensong Pool parking lot with the children’s adventure playground, as discovered by my dog, is being used as a public toilet.

Hard to believe, especially as this location is equidistant between two public washroom facilities; the Civic Centre which is open to the public, and the public washroom building at the end of the paved pathway between the two playing fields that leads to the street and the BMX track parking lot.

The disturbing thing is this seems to be a regular occurrence by this person, as evidenced by the foresight they had to bring along toilet paper, and leave it in the undergrowth along with their droppings.

If they have the foresight to bring toilet paper with them, perhaps they could also get in the habit of bringing plastic pickup bags with them and having the courtesy to remove it from areas where children and pets are frequently playing, and then depositing it in the garbage bins like all dog walkers do.

I hope the irony of this situation is not lost on your readers. The health of dogs is now endangered by humans failing to remove their own droppings from public areas.

Do we need a new visual sign in our parks now, instructing humans to pick up after themselves?

Dawne Williams

Qualicum Beach

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