LETTER: Regional District of Nanaimo steps up to the plate

LETTER: Regional District of Nanaimo steps up to the plate

RDN is constructing a new bridge

Re: ‘Resident speaks out against proposed community centre’ (www.pqbnews.com, Aug. 22)

As a Meadowood resident, I can sympathize with concerns over the need for a recreation hall and improved road accessibility into our local neighbourhood. Meadowood is totally isolated from the other four Area F neighbourhoods of Errington, Coombs, Hilliers and Whiskey Creek, with single road access, in and out, off Highway 19A.

However, these are clearly two individual and separate issues in search of a solution and funding. Meadowood road accessibility is a B.C. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure challenge, particularly for funding. The construction of a local community hall is a Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN), parks and recreation department initiative with identified funding. Both are being driven by our continuing Meadowood growth patterns and local recreation facility needs.

Fortunately, the RDN has stepped up to the plate. As a longterm strategy for local emergency response, the RDN is constructing a new bridge across the Little Qualicum River as both sides of the river are on RDN Regional Park property.

This initiative improves Regional Park access and may help “pave the way” for future road connection to Highway 4 and our other Area F neighbourhoods. Similarly, RDN Parks and Recreation is working diligently with the Meadowood Community Hall Task Force to finalize the community hall solution, identified as a critical local need by the Corcan Meadowood Residents Association (CMRA) many years ago.

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Funding for this project is proposed using Electoral Area F Community Works Funds. These funds are available through the collection of the B.C. “carbon tax” redistributed locally by the RDN to Area F.

Concerns about a Meadowood Hall impacting the Lighthouse Community Hall or Christian Fellowship 20 minutes away are unfounded.

A simple eight-minute drive down Highway 4A, starting from the Coombs rodeo grounds, past the Coombs fairgrounds, the Bradley Centre Hall and over to the Errington War Memorial Hall includes four properties with eight halls or more, each offering unique recreation opportunities.

All these community recreation centres have been serving Area F independently for well over the last 15 years and longer.

Reg Nosworthy

Qualicum Beach

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