LETTER: Show respect as part of the process

LETTER: Show respect as part of the process

As a strong proponent of community collaboration and community planning with clear processes, I am very upset with the approach being taken to community involvement.

I am not opposed to protests, questions and differing viewpoints.

The town has worked hard through many councils to improve public input and truly include it in plans.

We have a fresh new council that came into this job with the good of the community as their objective, just as previous councils have done. I see them being bashed on social media and it angers me.

Contrary to what many seem to think “It isn’t part of the job” to be subjected to personal attacks.

I have been an active community participant as a community volunteer, local elected official, business person and artist.

Thank goodness I don’t have to deal with social media anymore.

I have experienced effective community collaboration repeatedly. I know it works here. It takes commitment, patience and respect.

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I know that you can’t plan for every eventuality and that is why OCPs are guidelines.

The town processes have built in requirements for anyone requesting changes. The job of council is to weigh all information and then make a decision. Council will weigh many aspects of the decision, not just the obvious ones.

Their job is to protect the town and work towards our combined vision for Qualicum Beach.

There is trust involved. There is respect involved. There is process involved. Process takes time and patience.

The town council and staff are dedicated to Qualicum Beach and know we have a jewel to protect and nurture.

I encourage residents to be involved and show respect as they do so.

Wendy Maurer

Qualicum Beach

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