LETTER: Things are not changing for the better in Qualicum Beach

LETTER: Things are not changing for the better in Qualicum Beach

I have lived right downtown Qualicum Beach for 10 years now and I have sat by most of the last few months watching our services and conveniences disappear, to our loss.

In the last couple of years, coincidently with the election of our new council, things are changing and not for the better.

First it was the disappearances of many of the convenient benches around town. We have several locals and visitors who appreciate these conveniences but they are not listened to or considered in many of the decisions taken.

The playing fields by the off-leash dog walk used to have two benches where you could sit and enjoy the view, alas not anymore.

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There was also one by the railway and Memorial, where one could rest and take in the sights, alas not anymore. There used to be two at the corner of Second Avenue and Beach where friends could sit and social distance, alas not anymore.

Many of us live in apartments and this is our opportunity to get out and talk to friends and make new ones, alas not anymore.

There are many, many more benches too numerous to list which have now disappeared.

These are to the detriment of the several residents and visitors who would use them as a rest spot and for social activity.

We look like the poor cousins to Parksville where every time I go there there are more benches, newer benches, more durable benches added for the convenience of the locals and visitors.

Second the disappearance of the town garbage bins. Four that I know of just this last couple of months.

We have to look tidy and give visitors and residents alike the facilities to discard waste. These must be replaced.

Lastly this year have you noticed that the flowers around town are lacking in their usual flair and pizazz?

Why in a year when we all need a spirit boost have things been scaled back?

Don’t just think because things disappear that we don’t notice, because we do.

Sue Halford

Qualicum Beach

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