LETTER: Town on right track with cyclocross event

LETTER: Town on right track with cyclocross event

The recent Qualicum Beach event, cyclocross, was another of those events I’m thankful our town supports. Seeing all ages come together to enjoy an outdoor sport, which is also a fun spectator sport, tells me our community is on the right track.

I spoke with riders from out of town who had not been to Qualicum Beach before and who were impressed by the cyclocross course and our lovely town. They brought family and friends and will most likely return.

Events like the this and the annual Qualicum Beach Triathlon give all ages the opportunity to partake in active healthy activities. I know volunteers form committees well before the date to comply with town requirements. On the event day, many more volunteers enthusiastically help out and make sure everyone is safe and has a good time.

As a resident who has worked in and now enjoys an active retirement in this community, hats off to all those involved, from the town yard maintenance crew to all those volunteers I saw working on the track (Saturday) morning! Let’s keep Qualicum Beach a place for all ages to live, work and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Jill Chudleigh

Qualicum Beach