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LETTER: What a wonderful treat to enjoy a walk in Qualicum Beach

I had an appointment for a pedicure at the salon in Qualicum.

Such a treat, the staff there are wonderful. Then next door to the Dollar Store, greeted by the usual helpful clerk, I didn’t need everything that I bought but local businesses all need our support.

Then to the drug store to return an unopened cosmetic item and the clerk helped me for about 10 minutes to find exactly the item I needed.

The sun was shining, I really enjoyed a quiet stroll in the town I have called home for 22 years and I contributed quite a few dollars to the local economy.

This may seem a frivolous letter in these days shadowed by COVID, but for me it was a real treat to walk the town streets in the warmth of the sun. And forget for a while the problems of my dear family in Britain.

Next week I go to my Tops group, no meeting, just a step on the scales in a member’s garage but we visit with each other at the required social distance.

Later, at home we phoned my partner’s daughter in Alberta who is recovering from COVID, some sadness there but her voice is always cheerful and we are sure that she will soon be well again..

I just wanted to share how I could forget for a while any problems that I have with a stroll in the sun, in Qualicum.

Vivien Sansom

Qualicum Beach

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