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LETTER: Work together, lead by example

To many citizens concerned with only themselves
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It has become very clear lately that our society is becoming more fractious, with many citizens increasingly apathetic or concerned only with Me, Me, Me.

Some of this is due to negative political discource and increasing tribalism, some is due to the increase in wealth inequality, and make no mistake – some of it is a result of foreign, criminal and political disruption.

Can we all please try our best to reverse this trend?

Pitching in and working with each other for the common good will improve everyone’s lives.

There are many fine groups in Oceanside you can join if you enjoy socializing with like-minded people.

Not everything we do needs to be transactional or be rewarded through financial gain, and often it really is the little things we do on our own that make the most difference and are the most satisfying.

A perfect example?

I was parked in my car across from Qualicum Beach town hall this week taking a phone call.

Someone had removed the plastic cover of the trash receptacle at the corner and left it sitting on the sidewalk, and it wouldn’t be long until the crows discovered it and started scattering garbage all over the place.

Numerous people glanced at it and just continued on.

Planning to get out and put it back on the concrete bin when my call was over, I was pleased to see a good citizen beat me to it.

He stopped, picked it up and carefully placed it where it belonged,

He did not look around hoping someone noticed this good deed. He looked busy, and I recognized him finally as he quickly went across the street to town hall.

It was Teunis Westbroek, the Mayor of Qualicum Beach. Lead by example indeed. The little things really do make a big difference.

Roy Collver

Qualicum Beach

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