Lights out at Pummer Road

District is off base on lighting scheme

Well Mr. Stanhope, if you think the road in front of the resorts to the orange bridge “was designed as an 80 km highway” (The News, August 5) why are you not raising hell that there are no lights at the intersection of the Island Highway and Plummer Road?

Traffic lights service the primarily seasonal resorts, but for over 250 household living in San Pareil … no lights … particularly now, it’s taking your life into your own hands accessing the highway. 

The resorts are, as I understand it, zoned urban … so they get lights. San Pareil is rural … so no lights. 

The mental giant who ruled lights versus no lights on this basis, disregarding the actual traffic usage, needs to give his or her head a shake. 

I suppose the logic being advanced  by the RDN and MOTI is that when a few people get killed at that intersection, then perhaps they’ll set up traffic lights …     typical, pathetic, bureaucratic  reasoning.

Get on with it and instal some lights at that intersection.

Wayne Dwernychuk