Listen to experience

Qualicum Beach has no shortage of experienced, knowledgeable people

Town of Qualicum Beach councillor and recent letter writer Mary Brouilette should stick to the facts.

The paper did a reasonable job reporting what took place at the last council meeting in Qualicum Beach, a meeting that was too crowded, necessitating a move to the civic centre.

This town, Qualicum Beach, is populated by many people who have had successful careers in business, government and professions and are capable of running not only this town, but quite possibly this country. Many of them were present that evening.

Nothing was being asked of this council other than to slow down and listen a little. You are all bright, intelligent people and all to be lauded for taking time out of your lives to serve in public office. You in particular did a fine job on council last session.

You are making fools of yourselves, as perhaps the group of three ahead of you did.

Two wrongs don’t make a right. There is a right way, all of you know it. Now smarten up, listen up and you might just learn something from all the experienced men and women here in God’s waiting room.

Gordon Moul

Qualicum Beach