Living in fear

It's unfortunate some seniors are living in fear and take it out on young people

I was saddened to read the letter from the young man who was treated so poorly by the seniors in Qualicum Beach.

Apparently this is a common occurrence. My neighbour told me of similar experiences her kids have had in QB.

I hope the young people have also run into seniors who treasure their company here. All I can think of is, the miserable seniors are so fearful of their up and coming return to their maker that they have become inconsiderate of others. Perhaps they have forgotten what it is like to be young and full of energy.

I guess we should have compassion for them. Living in fear is a terrible thing.

Our community needs a healthy cross-section of ages.

The young people bring vitality and energy to a community and the seniors maybe a little more wisdom — you would hope.

Don’t let the comments of some fearful, miserable seniors make you think you aren’t welcome here, dear younger ones. I hope you stay in QB and encourage your friends to do so as well.

Dawne Brandel

Qualicum Beach