Looking for Clint

Carmel, California a good example in at least one way

Keith Jackson’s letter (The News, July 17) comparing Qualicum Beach to Carmel, California, makes me wonder if he has ever been there. Carmel, with a population of about 4,000 has dozens of four and five-star restaurants, a multitude of top hotels and funky lodgings. The stores and shops are some of the most interesting in North America.

Does that come close to what we have in our beautiful little town by the sea? Not everyone would want all of that, but those are the facts.

However there is one interesting parallel between our two towns. In 1986 Clint Eastwood, tired of getting the run-around and the punitive attitudes of a preservationist dominated council, ran for mayor and was successful in having the incumbent removed. His strategy was to build relations between the business community and the residential community so that meaningful change could take place. Not necessarily growth, but renewal and improvement, the very same issues our present council is dealing with, which seems to be of such great concern to so many of our residents.

Is there a Clint Eastwood out there for Qualicum Beach?

Jim Bergot


Qualicum Beach