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If Qualicum Beach is in a crisis, I'm just not seeing it

It has been interesting to drive around Parksville after hearing complaints about the rising costs of city requirements for land development (development cost charges).

There is more development now than in the last five years. The same thing occurred in Las Vegas years ago when residential water hook-ups were raised to $25,000. The idea was that the additional cost would slow down development and help save the water in Lake Mead. Wrong, the costs were added to the property and things continued on as normal.

Even with the whining of having to pay more for development, things are happening. I say to city council that it should ensure that costs are picked up by developers or current taxpayers will be looking at enormous costs of upgrading underdeveloped streets and services such as we see on Jensen and others that do not have underground utilities, upgraded water and waste lines, lighting and sidewalks.

Why should current taxpayers subsidize new development under the guise that it will not happen because the developers cannot afford the additional costs?

Development costs should be picked up by developers and should be passed on the those buying the properties. If they cannot make money doing that, do not develop the property.

Bob Tritschler