Make votes count

As far as I'm concerned, Michelle Stilwell is the candidate of choice

I want my vote to count.  I am reading in the local, provincial and national media that the election in our riding is going to be a close race between all three candidates.

I have attended all-candidate meetings and congratulate candidates for choosing to run.  I want a strong representative who has an established party behind them.

The B.C. Conservatives are not offering that for me. David Coupland seems a nice man and speaks well but the bottom line is the B.C. Conservative Party itself has no strength.

I hope that we have a record number of voters turn out this election.

This is no time for apathy. I want to encourage young people especially to get out and vote. Consider who you want to represent you.

Will it be someone who is retired or someone in their prime years, with abundant energy and direct experience with communicating with all generations effectively?

Yes, I am a Michelle Stilwell supporter. I support her because I know her, I admire her and I am confidant she will be fully invested in making sure the needs of all age groups in our community will be addressed.

She meets my criteria for what I want from my MLA.

Her experience on the world stage and her impressive network of contacts will help her be even more effective. I admire her enough to work on her campaign when I had in fact decided previously to not get involved with this election.

I encourage everyone to consider who will best represent them and be sure to get out and vote.

Wendy Maurer


Qualicum Beach