Man up James

Protest in Nanaimo was a welcome sight in a time of declining democracy

It was warming to see the cross section of attendees at the rally at James Lunney’s constituency office on Saturday.

It is a sad statement that the public have to go picket an office of a Member of Parliament in order to suggest he take a vote independent of party lines.

I would suggest that pensions, position in caucus, backbencher threats, and numerous other controls keep the party hacks in line.

We get what we deserve and we got it in spades with this Conservative majority. Everything that we stood for is being eroded away and replaced with the hard line Republican stance of our southern neighbours.

Money rules and the existence of our time on this planet is put at risk. Nature will trump everything we do until humanity is forced to look for another planet to plunder.

Unless the system we have is amended to get away from the extreme right or left, this duality will be our downfall. Minimally, democracy must have individual members of our governing bodies vote independent outside party lines.

Failing this humanity is doomed to constant greed until there is nothing left to support the human race.

Man up, James Lunney, and take a stand for humanity not party politics.

Bob Tritschler