Moral dilemma

Ethics and morals are more complicated than one might think

Regarding the article entitled Morals and Ethics (The News, March 6), while Knox’s point is succinctly distinguished by the status quo, the quagmire it poses goes well beyond the musings of a Canadian philosopher about world views as he suggests. It deals with real time occurrences and the consequences of those actions in the here and now.

There is no simple formula for either, qualifying or quantifying morals and ethics because, like beauty, for the most part, morals and ethics are in the eye of the beholder. More importantly, the principles of morals and ethics must be rooted in truth and trust.

However, because truth and trust has been violated so many times under one guise or another, references to morals and ethics have been rendered little more than hackneyed clichés dressed up to serve one agenda or another.

Morals and ethics pronounced today cannot go unchallenged or blindly embraced; they, in short must be substantiated and demonstrated by science and data.

Otherwise, morals and ethics will continue to be prefixed in terms of agenda; how moral or ethical is that?

Wayne Phillips


Hamilton, On