Morals and ethics

Find the guts to be moral and ethical, because we're destroying our society

Much of the published letters to the editor are about local news and politics. I have no beef with this, though believe if we could look at a larger picture we can understand a lot of the issues more clearly.

The stories dominating the world stage and in particular Canada and the U.S. are primarily focused on issues that relate to the decline of morality and ethics in our world. I know that people are talking about these issues; they are in conversation to me about them.

Take a look at the top news stories recently for a clear view of the blurring of moral and ethical lines. There are more and they move also into local politics and stories.

Canadian Philosopher Charles Taylor has said something along the lines of “every individual operates out of the world views that are prevalent at his/her time” We tend towards the larger world view of the society we live in.

I say wake up and think people. Don’t just be sheep — use some reasoning skills and find the guts to be moral and ethical. Please, we are destroying our culture and society with immorality and unethical behavior.

Chrs Knox


Qualicum Beach