More music please

Port Alberni adventure was wonderful, but it needed more of a soundtrack

Make your past your present: This is the slogan of the Alberni Pacific Railway.

As expected our grandson Luke also became an enthusiastic passenger as his brothers did in previous years.

This time there was a prelude to this event, connected to the railway station is to be found a 100-year-old Buick-McLaughlin automobile and yes… in excellent running order; as well trucks and other interesting mobiles were on display, like a cement three-wheeler turning 360 degrees.

After we arrived from the train ride and were greeted and instructed by James the tour guide and offered delicious cold water we marched towards the Mclean Mill National site.

We listened to his funny and most entertaining explanations regarding the sundry historical buildings on this venue and I expected an invitation to follow of walking to the small theater for some excellent entertainment as offered before.

To my surprise and disappointment this was not happening due to reducing the overall cost of this excellent event.  The thought came to my mind that it would be wonderful if this missing part could be filled through volunteer entertainers in future.

Ary Sala


Fanny Bay