More water woes

Things are not like they used to be in Parksville as far as water is concerned

As a 30 year taxpayer in Parksville with a few fruit trees that benefit myself and neighbors, I am fed up with the water rate debates.

I may seem selfish but I wonder why I am paying penalties and restrictions so that commercial properties can get water for less than I can. Must I cut back so more resorts can expand?

As a commercial user they and other commercial users are using 32.4 per cent of our water, and an exponential amount for a few months in the tourist season when water is scarce, leaving me with an expensive tiered system if my fruit trees are to produce.

This is not how it used to be!

I as well as others who wish to have gardens etc., which was a way of life in Parksville, have to cut back or pay much more so developers can profit.

Councilors in Parksville please, add up all the costs and have a flat rate per cubic meter of water, the more you use the more you pay.

W.H. Martin