Movie a meaningful treat

Hopefully people took something home with them from The Lorax

Last night’s showing of The Lorax was wonderful! There must have been over a thousand people watching this great movie.  Thanks so much to all the sponsors.

I for one appreciate this particular show being shown to such a large and varied audience.

I hope from the bottom of my heart that everyone who watched did lots of thinking and discussing about the message.

To me, Dr. Seuss clearly illustrates the need for humans to create as little waste as possible in order for all living beings, humans included, to have a healthy and happy life.

If even half of last night’s audience continues or begins to use reusable dishes instead of disposables at all times — in school, at work, at parties and bbqs, for take-out and for eat-in restaurants — everywhere, then The Lorax and Dr. Seuss will have made a great impact on our community.

Three cheers for the Lorax who speaks for the trees and tree cheers for the sponsors who brought us last night’s movie in the park.

Haida Bolton