My own very special Christmas angel

A little kindness, compassion and knowledge can go a long way on a cold night

I would like to thank a special Christmas angel, Jenn, who works at the Whiskey Creek Co-op Gas Station, for going out of her way to help me during an electrical problem at the home of my grandchildren over the holidays.

When I was babysitting we had problems getting a fire going (the power had failed in the home) and  went to the station for candles, etc.

During a conversation with Jenn I mentioned having trouble getting a fire started.

After work, when her own family was waiting for her to come home, Jenn made a  special trip to help me start a fire to warm up our home while we waited for an electrician to come.

Because of her special help with  instruction in how to use this fireplace properly, we were able to keep a fire going all weekend until the electrician could come. It helped us look at the experience as an adventure, rather than a crisis. I am so thankful we have people like Jenn in the world!

Carol Cole