NDP, Greens attempt end-run around democracy

NDP, Greens attempt end-run around democracy

I don’t want another election but prefer that rather than having a contrived, non-elected party form government.

When voters deposited ballots they knew whatever party got the greatest number of MLA’s elected would be the party elected to govern the Province. On my ballot there was no second choice nor was there a question as to who I would accept as coalition government.

The Liberals had the most MLA’s seats so they form government. This is democracy as it was meant to work.

Not so, according to the NDP and Green Party; they decided to create a coalition party so they would have the majority of MLAs. A four-year deal was struck. Strange: compare election platforms and other than eco issues the NDP and Green Party have significant differences… they just want power.

They think they found an unelected way to beat the Liberals and somehow they even rationalize its acceptance. No one in B.C. voted for this form of government. It wasn’t on my ballot! This is not how electoral democracy works.

Liberals should form government. If they propose policies/legislation that the other two parties can’t support, they should vote to bring the government down. Then there should be an election and the good citizens of B.C. can once again exercise their right to vote for a government.

Election democracy stands on the principle that the party with most elected MLAs wins the right to govern, not a contrived non-elected majority. Government can be brought down by the vote of other MLAs. When a government is brought down, an election must be called. This makes MLAs accountable to their electorate for their decisions. The voters have the right to once again determine who will govern.

Election democracy works perfect; avoiding it doesn’t. NDP/Green Parties working hard to avoid democracy!

Harold Baker