Nice fairy tale for election time

How about some real information?

(The News,  April 8) attributed to our incumbent MP, I initially suspected that James Lunney must have thought that reporter Auren Ruvinsky was interviewing him for fodder for a fairy tale.  

It would be a welcome change to see a discussion of the issues based on factual information from our veteran candidate, instead of the tired propaganda and outright lies propagated by the PMO.

To take a specific point, Lunney’s comments on the Conservatives being found to be in Contempt of Parliament are sadly illuminating. 

By referring to the finding of Contempt of Parliament as “the only thing that demonstrates is that they have more votes” demonstrates his utter disregard for the essential democratic nature of the Houses of Parliament; which is defined in the Constitution to be a forum of elected representatives where motions are discussed and voted on, with a majority decision driving our laws.

This disregard for the Constitutionally-defined function of the Commons is further illustrated by Lunney’s declaration that:  “Everyone was prepared to support the budget,” he said of the Canadian Independent Federation of Businesses, the Federation of Municipalities and the Canadian Labour Congress… “but the opposition was committed to bringing down the house.”

This bluntly-stated belief that various non-Parliamentary groups, however well-connected or well-meaning, should over-rule the expressed will of a Commons vote is simply unconstitutional (and  therefore illegal), but it demonstrates clearly the lack of respect by the outgoing government for the democratic responsibilities of our elected MPs. 

When considering the other talking points offered by our incumbent, I caution readers to remember that some human failings are curable; ignorance, for example; but others, such as gullibility, are not so easily characterized.

 M. J. Green

 Qualicum Beach

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