No conflict here

Bernie Smith was in error in his comments about the fire hall

In the November 4 issue of The News Bernie Smith wrote a letter entitled, A legend indeed. His entire letter once again misinforms the public.

It is unfortunate that those who have poison pens, do little to get their facts right.

During my campaign in the last election I talked to Bernie about the fire hall and told him at that time I thought I might have a conflict of interest, because I lived next door to the Fire Chief Doug Banks.

However as it turned out after being elected it was deemed by council, I didn’t have a conflict of interest.

Over the next several months I spent countless hours working on the fire hall issue and finally coming to the decision that we could build it for $3 million without borrowing money. When it came time to vote of course I voted in favour.

I along with other council members don’t mind being criticized when it is due. We all spend countless hours working on behalf of the taxpayers — it is important if you write letters to have your facts correct.

Al Greir