No parties please

Political parties are what are responsible for our electoral decline

Watching the Liberal election machine plough through the mired pre-election field, exposing some things and covering other things with the plowshare, it is very interesting to pay attention to what our premier is saying.

Maybe she doesn’t know what she is saying and is ignorant of the fact that the debt has ballooned under the Liberal direction.

Now ignorance of that magnitude, that is very scary.

The other possibility is she knows and is actually telling us a non-truth about what she knows.

Either way, the television ad is very unsavory when people rely on some sense of knowledgeable truth prior to election day, not spin.

I, like so many others, personally do not care who wins this upcoming election as long as provincial concern trumps party concern.

Probably an independent is the best answer, someone with no party affiliation.

It is time that the tactics of early colonialism are put to rest.

This is the age of data and knowledge highlighting past performances and budgets, so either tell the truth or say nothing and look for another job.

Bob Tritschler