No shortage of disasters over time

Saying the earthquakes of this year are sign of the coming end is premature

I’m bothered at the level of fear mongering shown in Paul Hawkes Pastor’s Point column (The News, March 25). 

In it, Mr. Hawkes quotes Matthew 24 in which Jesus tells his disciples that the signals of his second coming will be wars, earthquakes and famines. Mr. Hawkes then links current world events to this quote, telling us we should look to God in times such as these as we must view the events in a larger context.

Is Mr. Hawkes not aware that the world has experienced concurrent earthquakes, wars and famines for centuries? All three are sadly a part of the world we live. 

While I remain respectful of Mr. Hawkes’ beliefs, unless he can prove some sort of distinction between this tragic disaster and those of the past then I and many others will only see his views for what they are: fear mongering and church recruitment.

Mason van Dyk

Qualicum Beach