No sleigh for naughty MP

If Santa were to judge MPs, who do you think would get a present?

As a youngster my favourite Yuletide tune was All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth and always enjoyed singing the line “…to with you Merry Quith-Myth.”

I soon realized that for many the festive season is truly about myths: those who figure the entire nativity story to be merely Hebrew myths and fables, and delighted kids who believe in the myth of Santa Claus.

I’d best not offend those Bethlehem believers, and rather concentrate on Santa  —  right now he’s busily checking on who’s been naughty and who’s been nice in these financially uncertain times.

Maybe he should lighten the load on his magical sleigh, and not visit those ridings where some naughty MPs  live.

For example, he’d not go to Halifax,  as Peter McKay has been naughtily less-than-credible about his Cormorant capers.

Rudolph would not be guiding Santa towards Parry Sound-Muskoka, where Tony Clement’s naughty G20 largesse was way beyond any child’s Christmas wish-list.

There would be no jingle bells heard in Whitby-Oshawa, where Jim Flaherty was elected after his mythical promises of balanced-budgets  and financial prosperity, naughtily disregarding global meltdowns.

The Grinch would ban Santa from Calgary where the Harpercrite-In-Chief’s  parliamentary victory was boosted by his naughty election scare tactics, and phony promises to lower taxes once the budget was balanced.

Transparency and accountability pledges disappeared like melting snow in May, when only 24 per cent of eligible voters gave the Tories the majority they craved.

Maybe if Santa really didn’t visit those ridings whose MP’s are so obviously disingenuous, the gullible electorate would wake up and take a lot more notice of the myths they receive in the guise of government policies from Ottawa.

Bernie Smith