No trade agreement

Latest federal move is nothing less than a handover of Canadian resources

Once again the democratically challenged and fact adverse Harper Conservatives choose obfuscation and attack ads rather than deal with issues. It is not the economic policies of the NDP we have to fear.

It is the Harperites continuing to use all the levers of government to siphon tax payer funds and resources to global corporations in a manner that harms Canada and Canadians while putting at risk future generations capacity to have their energy needs met.

The tar sands could be developed in a manner where the corporations pay total costs, there is maximum economic benefit to all Canadians, our future energy needs are ensured and we trade a relatively safe product.

The demand for energy isn’t going to go away. Why are the Harper Conservatives resorting to attack ads and pushing bills through rather than entering into discussion with the opposition parties and all Canadians?  Aren’t we still a democracy?

And the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) … Why the secrecy? Was so much bundled into the omnibus bill C-38, in particular the gutting of our environmental protection legislation?

Based on the leaked documents, this is not so much a trade agreement as a hand over of Canada’s resources to mostly foreign global corporations for their benefit

Yvonne Zarowny


Qualicum Beach