Nobody works 24/7

Expecting our MLA to work all the time is unreasonable and unrealistic

Oh, come now Bob Tritschler (letter writer from the Aug. 1 edition of The NEWS), Michelle Stilwell is to be available to her constituents 24/7?

Even the prime minister of Canada is allowed time for his wife and children and to, oh, I don’t know, relax, read a book, have a holiday.

That’s just plain silly. When you worked, did you give your job 24/7?

I work hard at my job when I’m there but I see no need to not have a life.  Don’t think I’ll get to my death bed and say “Dang, I wish I’d worked more.”

I’m proud that my MLA has a life outside of her public life.  And gosh, a pretty exciting one at that.  How many world records do you hold, Bob Tritschler?



Jay Norton


Qualicum Beach