Not a feather in his cap

Firehall may be needed, but it would come as the result of many people's work

It seems that Councillor Dave Willie wants this new fire hall project to be a political feather in his cap.

This story, however, is older than two years — it belongs to Mayor Teunis Westbroek and years of former councillors, staff and the taxes of Qualicum Beach citizens. It’s thanks to them for their foresight, priorities, management and the actual money that we are able to build a fire hall. No wonder the township of Qualicum Beach is considered an exemplary municipality in B.C. and it’s debt-free, to boot!

As a volunteer captain for emergency preparedness on my block, I too am very eager to have this fire hall facility.  I do, however, have faith in caution and in leaders who care about my money.  I especially have faith in the ability of people who have a history of knowing how to apply and receive grants.

If Coun. Willie wants a feather in his cap, the cap needs to be made first. This takes talent, effort, time, collected materials, diplomacy, professional language and a courteous attitude to and with all involved — then put the feather in the cap.

Sylvia Hofstetter


Qualicum Beach