Not helping much

James Lunney has listed four things he's done - in nearly 11 years

James Lunney goes on about all the wonderful things that the Harper government has done for seniors, and then attempts to defend his record in the Nanaimo-Alberni riding.  What he claims to have done for his riding contains a meagre list of four things.  Not very impressive for his nearly 11 years representing this riding. He claims he is pleased to address apprehensions about the OAS program.

What Mr. Lunney failed to address was the single most important issue concerning pension, and pension reform,  MP’s pensions.

A recent report by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation and the C.D. Howe Institute has estimated it would cost $277 million to pension off the present House of Commons in 2015!

Too bad the politicians have not figured out the fact that this is not sustainable.

What they need to do is create an optional dollar-for-dollar matching defined-contribution pension plan much like the new pooled pension plan they want all of us, but not them, to adopt.

Wayne Searle


Qualicum Beach