Not misinformation

Just because don't agree with you doesn't make us misinformed

Mr. Tapics’ (Raven Coal Mine CEO) letter (The News, April 6) continues the proponents pattern of labeling  criticism or concern over the proposed Raven coal mine project as misinformation.

While Mr. Tapics states the coal the project is proposing to export is metallurgical, he fails to mention that the coal mine processing plant is being designed with the flexibility to produce metallurgical coal or alternatively a thermal coal product.

Could the failure in his letter to mention the options of producing a thermal coal product be an example of misinformation?

Despite the Raven mine proponents’ efforts over the past several years to sell the benefits of their project, they have failed to be granted social license  by residents of the Comox Valley and Port Alberni. One thing necessary for social license to exist is the ongoing approval of the local community and other stakeholders.

The socio-economic and environmental concerns surrounding the proposed project, which have been raised within the local communities and stakeholders, are substantive and credible. Those who are opposed or concerned about the proposed Raven coal mine project will continue to identify and research issues surrounding it, and raise the public’s awareness to those issues.

John Snyder

president, CoalWatch Comox Valley


Fanny Bay