Not so relaxing on Family Day

Those who really need it won't get a day off on newest provincial holiday

It would it be really nice if the Family Day holiday truly provided families stressed by the hectic pace … to spend some quality time with each other.

Now if there are going to be activities for that quality time, let us reflect on who is going to provide the service.

The same parents who would like to spend this quality time with their families will be working to accommodate families who can afford to pay for the holiday activities.

The mothers and fathers who needed the most time to rest and enjoy their children will be the ones who will not even have the option to stay home.

To add the insult to the injury, they will have to pay someone extra money to look after their children, as the schools will be closed.

So, let’s remember to say thank you to the bus driver, ski hill employee, cashier, waitress and nurse, working to allow us to have a Family Day on February 11, 2013.

Dorota Smith