Not sufficient

Having seniors stored in hallways is not what I call adequate service

How interesting that the VIHA representative made the comment that “NRGH is providing an appropriate range of care” (The News, April 6).

Is a senior stuck in emergency on a stretcher for six days after having a mild heart attack appropriate?

How about another senior again in emergency for a few days before being moved to an alcove at the end of the hall until she fell and was then moved to a room?

Is this appropriate care?  Maybe for a Third World country but not Canada.

If in 1991 the emergency ward was expanded to receive 15,000 visits and today it is currently receiving 52,000 visits a year then obviously more beds are required immediately. Given our aging population the need is even more urgent!!

Come on Victoria do something!  Tell us how we can help!

Dianne Ackerman