Nothing here for us

Shame on our society for not speaking out about government priorities

After seeing the latest budget, I am at a loss as to what it takes to get the message across to this government, that we, the working class, are not in favour of their business agenda.

There was nothing in the budget for families, nor was there anything in it for the education system. What I saw was an increase in the MSP and an increase in gas prices, which will ultimately filter down to increase food prices.

I have to ask, where does the government think the money is going to come from?  If they say there is no money for education or families, then show me where it’s being spent. I certainly don’t see it going into the public system. I am not expected to get a raise any time soon so where am I to come up with the money to cover the increased living cost?

As for education, I am astounded at the lack of support our government has for our public system. I am appalled at the lack of support this government is giving our teachers. Our children are our future, so why wouldn’t we as a society want them to be successful?  Why would we allow a government to tie the hands of the teachers and not let them do what they are trained to do?

Shame on this government, and shame on us as a society for not speaking out. We can make a change in this government if we believe we can!

Mary Anne Cumming, RN


Qualicum Beach