Oil change increase

Oil change intervals don't need to be as frequent as we're told

The idea of ‘Ambassadors of used oil’ (June 4 edition of The NEWS) is a great and overdue.

But the problems with used oils could be much less when the carmaker would give up the unfounded oil change intervals.

In Canada, the carmakers recommend a oil change at 6,000 km or three months. This is nonsense.

In Europe, the same carmaker recommends, for the same cars, with the same engines and the same oil, an interval 15,000 km or once a year. The only difference is, that in Europe you can drive much faster with more stress to the engines.

My advice is to increase the oil change intervals to a reasonable time frame and the problems with recycling of used oils would be much less than today.

Wilfried G. Weber


Nanoose Bay