Oil fight continues

Both federal Conservatives and provincial Liberals are on side with project

In your report on Wayne McCrory’s visit, (The News, Jan. 20) he warned that the Enbridge pipeline could be a huge threat to our environment.

A statement came out of Alberta that they are against the project to ship crude. They would rather build refineries and sell refined oil to the U.S. Confirming my views.

I was heartened the State of Nebraska has refused transportation of crude over their territory, and thus stalled the Keystone project. If they can, then we can.

I was expecting our provincial government to protect our environment. Was shocked to read that our Premier Christy Clark has recruited Ken Boessenkool to be her chief of staff. He is to assist in the development of Liberal policy.

It is clear by this move which side the of Liberal policy. Mr. Boessenkool has been a longtime advisor to Stephen Harper and a key lobbyist for the Enbridge pipeline. It is clear by this move which side the provincial Liberals stand.

We know Conservatives are pushing this project. I would like the provincial NDP to state their views. Are they for a one-time job creation, or the long time view of building refineries and developing our economy?

Lorraine Michelmore, president of Shell Canada, has called for a national energy conversation. She states “determining which roads are in the national interest, requires a national conversation.” She believes a clear and responsible action plan could support sustainable economic growth in Canada.

Other bad news was the report on Enbridge subsidiaries in the U.S. This report stated that since 2002, there have been more than 170 leaks and spills in their pipelines. The one in Clearbrook, Minn. in 2007, killed two workers and led to a $2.4 million U.S. in fines. The company defense has been that they spill less oil than the industry average.

Patricia Meadows