One rule for all

Dog owners shouldn't be exempt from following the rules

So many times I have come across dog owners who blatantly disobey any signs, rules or regulations regarding their pets. A perfect example of this is at the Parksville and Qualicum Beach areas where signs clearly state that all dogs must be on a leash, and no dogs on the beach until after April 30. I have seen numerous times people letting their dogs run free on the paths or the beach whenever they like.

Another situation arose on election day where the signs at the Community Centre clearly stated “no dogs allowed on the premises, unless guide dogs.”  

One woman brought her dog in and after I pointed out to her that no dogs were allowed, she simply said, “I’m not standing out there (in the rain) with him.” 

I asked the election people at the front desk to ask her to leave the dog outside, but they would not.

What is the point in having such signs if they are not enforced? Don’t non dog owners have any rights? 

Arlene O’Brien