Only one mayor in Qualicum Beach

Councillor clearly needs to get his priorities straight

Two mayors in the Town Of Qualicum Beach? Not likely, but Councillor Dave Willie seems to think that this is what we voted for last November.

And ever since he’s been diligently working to eliminate the other one, ably supported by his gang of reformers both inside and outside the council chambers.

As point man for this crowd, he is successfully demonstrating the mean and spiteful attitude that comes with extreme points of view and lack of concern for those who disagree.

As an elected official — not mayor — of the town he is required to be part of a team whose sole objective is to give the town good governance and maintain those qualities of life features that have been embraced by the majority in the OCP and Quality of Life surveys.

If he can’t do this without the continual sniping at the mayor then he should do the honourable thing and step down in favour of a more suitable volunteer.

The same applies to anyone else in council who supports this juvenile and offensive behaviour.

Frank Horner


Qualicum Beach