Other priorities

There are lots of things to spend tax money on besides parties

My wife and I were shocked to see that a grant in aide is being considered to be given to Ballenas Dry Grad in the sum of $500.

We feel that in these times of restraint this is an outrageous amount of taxpayers money to be spent on a party.

We are at present going through budget deliberations and looking at ways to either cut cost or cut services to the citizens of Parksville. It appears to us that the grad committee try to out do the previous years grad and we feel things are starting to get out of hand.

These grants are supposed to benefit the citizens and visitors of the community but we fail to see how this achieves these goals other than giving the students graduating an extravagant party.

These students after the parade etc. are being bused down to Nanaimo to board a ship for a cruise/party. This in no way benefits the business community or the residents.

We try to instill in our youth the importance of good work ethics but giving them this grant we feel just teaches them that if they want something they just need to ask for a handout.

Frank and Joyce Leach